The following documents are provided as a tool to assist you in tracking your monthly hours on a daily basis.
You may download these forms to your computer. They are provided in two file formats: Excel and PDF.

The Excel file format will auto calculate the total hours for each category. (Upon opening the Excel file If you see a Yellow Bar at the top of the screen that says 'Protected View', just click on the button in that same Yellow Bar that says 'Enable Editing' to save the file to your computer and enter hours.)

The PDF format is provided if you do not have Microsoft Excel loaded on your computer. Save the file to your computer and print it off to hand write your hours. Copies of this form are also available in the Training Center.
Training Department

NOTE: You must complete the electronic form below to submit your monthly OJT hours.

Each apprentice is required to complete the form below accurately and submit it electronically by No Later than the 5th day of the month following the Reporting Month of their apprenticeship. Be sure to complete all of the information and double check it to make sure that it is accurate before clicking the 'Submit' button.

Failure to submit this form before the 5th day of the month following the Reporting Month can result in a decrease to your overall evaluation score or a delay to receiving you review at the end of each semester.

Employee Name (Your First Name & Last Name Are Required)
The Reporting Month and Year is Required
The name of the Project where you worked most of the time for the month of the report.
Which area of training do you believe you need the most help with?
Total Hours spent Planning and Layout
Total Hours spent Trenching and Backfill and other digging or excavating processes.
Total Hours spent installing underground wiring installations.
Total Hours spent installing conduit, boxes, condulets, auxiliary gutter, gutters or other raceway systems.
Total Hours spent working on Panel installation and make up.
Total Hours spent working on Transfer Switch installation and make up.
Total Hours spent working on disconnect switch installation and make up.
Total Hours spent working on PV systems or cable tray.
Total Hours spent working on wire pulling and terminating.
Total Hours spent working on Fire Alarm, Communications or Systems below 50 volts.
Total Hours spent installing switches, receptacles and other devices.
Total Hours spent installing motor control systems.
Total Hours spent in logistics, material handling.
Total Hours spent in cleaning, housekeeping.

Double check all of your information and ensure that it is correct before clicking the 'Submit' button.

** Laptops are available in the Training Center if you do not have access to a computer. **
How many absences did you have from work this month?
(Do not include vacations.)
How many classes that were scheduled did you not attend this month?
(Do not count any class that occurred during a vacation or that you were not expected to attend.)
How many times were you late to work this month?
I certify that the information submitted above it true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
My initials in the box below signify that I have completed this form and that I attest to its accuracy.
Reporting Month Total Hours by Labor Task Category
(Due by No Later than the 5th Day of the Month Following the Reporting Month)
You should receive a confirmation email within 5 working days that your OJT Report was received with a PDF attachment of the electronic form that you filled out.

If you have not received a confirmation email  after 2 working days from your date of submission please contact Alex Stenulson or Ted Smith at, or at (303) 754-0001)
OJT Hours Reporting
Employee Information
This page was last updated: August 4, 2017

At the end of the month review your completed form above with your supervisor then visit this web page and transfer your total hours for each labor task category from your completed Monthly OJT Report to the electronic form below. The purpose of the paperform is to help you keep track during the month and for your records.

Keep the original for your records for the length of your Apprenticeship.

Monthly OJT Report (PDF Format)
Monthly OJT Report (PDF Format)
Monthly OJT Report (Excel Format)
Monthly OJT Report (Excel Format)